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Name:Persona Recursion : Test Drives, Memes and Stuff
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Recursion is a Persona-inspired Dreamwidth game with an over-arching plot and mysteries and secrets to unravel that combines memory loss, adventure and slice-of-life elements. No knowledge of the series is needed to enjo the game! Characters awaken to their newfound powers at night, regaining their lost memories and appearances, and fight back the Shadows to figure out the reason why their past and minds were locked away.

Behold, the city of Eddan, a bustling megalopolis that is said to be the educational center of the world. The city is a dynamic blend of both old and new, combining old-fashioned charm with almost fantastical technology.

However, Eddan has a rather large blemish. Multiple gruesome murders over the past year have caused the entire city to adopt a nightly curfew that shuts down anything that isn't required for basic living. Only emergency services run, and civilians have strict rules to obey for their own safety.....

Yet something else lurks, keeping this paradise running smoothly. After all, why would anyone question it? Certainly not the those who are unawakened and don't remember their past. Why should they? Why think you might have had another life before? Why wonder why the murders only occur at night? Why question the firemen and police units who patrol at night, but never seem around after the first rays of the morning sun? Why ponder the reason why everyone is asked to stay inside?

It's time to take back the night...

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